Til forsiden
Our business approach can be summarized into one word: 


We ask all partners to take us up on this. We are never better than our last transaction with a partner or supplier. 

And we want to improve!
Trustworthiness that implies all of the following:

That the product fulfils all promises and expectations
That we are a dependable supplier
That we have focus on our customers’ markets
That we have an open dialogue about our products and methods
That we confidently stand by our way of doing business
That our product quality is both high and consistent
That we always offer first class service
That we offer wide flexibility in our production
That we respond quickly to any request
SOF-Odden Caviar ApS, Røgerivej 4, DK-4583 Sjællands Odde
Tel: +45 5932 6003 Fax: +45 5932 6167